Athleisure goes mainstream

Athleisure goes mainstream

Once upon a time, gym clothes were baggy, smelly and sweaty. Not anymore. Workout clothes has gone through a revolution in the past few years – so much so that it is now known by another word. Athleisure. And this is the year that athleisure goes mainstream.

Unlike regular gym clothes, athleisure is designed to be worn anytime, anywhere. It is colourful, flattering, stylish and comfortable – plus, it might just inspire you to exercise!

But before you splash out on fancy tracksuits, read on for the ultimate guide to athleisure…

The pretty sports bra

We all have that elusive sports bra that’s far superior to the rest of your collection. You know, the kind that’s so comfortable and chafe-free, you strategically wear it for, say, a lazy Sunday (and, hey, maybe even to work on Monday, too) before deigning to get it sweaty in a spin class. The key to a great sports bra is wide, soft straps, and a bright colour that you won’t mind peeking out from under a shirt.

The slouchy pants

Kim and Kanye have been working the leather sweatpants look for a while now, and it’s starting to catch on. Wear with heels for a glam take on the look, or statement trainers for a tougher silhouette.

A work-out tank

The best workout tanks come with a surprisingly supportive built-in bra and the magical ability to smooth without suffocating. Choose a tank with crisscrossed back detailing that makes it just as acceptable at a nice dinner out, too.


Every woman has that one pair of leggings that go with everything – as Refinery 29 puts it, “leggings chic enough to wear in lieu of pants, once a week”. The trick is to choose a thick fabric (check, check and double check that they aren’t see-through) with some sort of pattern or cut-out detail to add interest.

As athleisure goes mainstream, expect to see plenty of other gym-to-café staples filling the High Street. As ever, quality is key – especially if you plan to work up a sweat in your chosen ensemble. Choose pretty, durable pieces which work with your existing wardrobe and you will be nailing the athleisure look in no time!