Stylish hats for any occasion – the ultimate guide

Stylish hats for any occasion – the ultimate guide

Hats – you either love them or hate them. Stylish hats can be hard to find and even harder to wear, but when the time comes to don your finest headgear, you need to be ready for it. So if you tend to look more like Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding, rather than Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, read on for our essential guide to hats for every occasion

1. At the races

For a glimpse of the most stylish hats in the country, just make your way to Royal Ascot. There is no such thing as ‘OTT’ when you are at the races – think big, bright, zany and unique. Just don’t forget to post for the photographers.

2. At a wedding

Not so long ago, hats and weddings were considered to be a perfect match. But the rise of the fascinator and statement hair accessories has seen wedding hats fall out of favour. Of course, at high society dos, there is no substitute for a bespoke designer headpiece, but for everyone else subtlety is the key. Go vintage with a pillbox hat perched atop a chignon, or choose a mini-saucer hat with organza trim for a femme fatale vibe. Keep it small, chic and timeless, and you can’t go far wrong.

3. In the cold

Whether you are on the ski slopes or simply braving the icy winds of rural Britain, a stylish hat can mean the difference between cosy fashion and cold ears. An oversized beanie is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, although (faux) fur-trimmed trapper hats are starting to make a comeback. Go for big, comfy hats in muted colours and you will survive the coldest weather.

4. In the sun

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of sunburn along your hairline, you’ll understand the importance of a good sun hat. Floppy fedoras ooze old school glamour, and will keep the sun well away from your face. Meanwhile, the classic panama hat is a hipster stalwart which looks just as good on men as it does on women. However, the humble baseball cap deserves a look-in here as well. The likes of Gucci and Chanel are selling out of their designer baseball caps, and the classic New Era styles are fast becoming collector’s items.