Mastering trans-seasonal dressing

Mastering trans-seasonal dressing

Trans-seasonal dressing is one of the trickiest skills in fashion. While we all know what to expect from our winter wardrobe or our summer wardrobe, dressing for changeable weather is a whole other issue.

That being said, there are a few handy rules and tips that you should know before stepping outside the front door…

Look ahead, not behind

It’s tempting to try to eek out the value from last season’s outfits for a while longer, but this is how you end up getting stuck in a style rut. Instead, you should to the season ahead for fashion inspiration. In the springtime, gradually start introducing summery prints and bare legs. In the autumn, experiment with subtle layering as the weather turns cooler.

Invest in your coats

The right coat is your key to nailing trans-seasonal dressing. You probably already have a heavy winter coat and a lighter summer jacket in your wardrobe, but what about those ‘in between’ days? Invest in a classic trench coat for breezy days, and a smart raincoat to see you through the occasional downpour. Denim jackets and long-line blazers are easily stowed away in a tote bag if the sun comes out.

Learn the art of layering

There’s a lot more to layering than you might think. From a fashion perspective, you want to end up with a sleek silhouette. But practically speaking, you need to be able to add and remove layers easily. As a general rule, choose finer fabrics which won’t bunch up when layered. Natural materials such as cotton, silk and linen will keep you relatively cool when the temperature rises, while wool-based outer layers will help to hold in the heat.

Love your accessories

Specifically, your umbrella and your sunglasses. And thanks to the British weather, there’s a good chance that you’ll need both of these on any trans-seasonal day. Ditch your boring black umbrella and replace it with a stylish (or ‘birdcage’) umbrella, or a rain-repelling print in bright colours. Start putting together a collection of sunglasses so that you have a pair for every mood. After all, good accessories never go out of fashion.