Four ways to wear denim at work

Four ways to wear denim at work

Once upon a time, wearing denim to work was the ultimate fashion faux pas. But not anymore. Thanks to casual Fridays and flexi-hours, it’s not only OK to wear denim at work – it’s practically encouraged!

However, it’s hard to maintain a veneer of professionalism when you’re schlubbing about in yesterday’s jeans. Read on for a fashionista’s guide to wearing denim to work.

1. The denim shirt

Denim shirts used to be thick, rough and frayed. But they have been rebranded for the 21st century, in the palest blue chambray. Think of your chambray shirt as an alternative to the plain white shirt. Wear it under a sweater, with the collar poking out at the top. Or tuck it into a midi skirt for a fashion-forward combo.

2. The denim trousers (OK, OK – jeans)

Jeans come in so many shapes and sizes these days that you are bound to have a ‘good’ pair somewhere in the back of your closet. These are the jeans that you can wear to work. But only if you accessorise them properly. Create an office-friendly outfit by pairing your jeans with a feminine blouse and modest heels. Or tuck the hem into your favourite boots and balance the silhouette with a slouchy jumper.

3. The denim dress

Denim dresses have made a comeback this year, and there are umpteen styles to choose from. For work, layer a blouse or roll-neck top underneath a denim pinafore. Or choose a chambray shirt dress and belt for a no-fuss summer ensemble.

4. The denim skirt

A smart denim pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. Comfy, versatile and modern, it is probably the easiest way to wear denim at work. Wear it with a Breton striped shirt and platform Mary Janes, for a young and preppy look. In the winter, pair it with knee-high boots and a classic cashmere sweater that will keep you warm.